Task Groups

All members are invited to participate in ASBEC Task Groups.

Task groups in place are:

Resilience Task Group 

Task Group Chair - Adrian Piani, Engineers Australia

The aim of the Resilience Task Group is to drive a consistent national agenda to increase the resilience of the built environment in the face of predicted climate change impacts, extreme weather events and increasing population demands.

The Task Group is working towards a policy agenda that ensures:

  • Resilience is an important and appropriately integrated part of Government policy framework.
  • The built environment sector is equipped to address resilience.

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Cities Task Group

Task Group Chair - Jonathan Cartledge, Consult Australia

The Cities Task Group aims to develop and advocate policy focussed on improving the long-term productivity, liveability and sustainability of cities and urban communities, in the context of growth and change.

The Task Group is focussed on a policy agenda that delivers:

  • Government policy settings which reflect a stronger and more valued role for cities and urban communities in driving productivity, liveability and sustainability.
  • The right investments and settings that enable our cities to grow and change.

See Investing in Cities: Prioritising a Cities and Urban Policy Framework for productivity, prosperity and a better standard of living.

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Housing Task Group

Task Group Chair – Dr Stephen White, CRC for Low Carbon Living

The Housing Task Group aims to drive demand for more sustainable, accessible, liveable, productive and innovative residential development and housing.

The Task Group is currently developing on a framework for a nationally harmonised rating scheme that would promote more sustainable, accessible, productive and liveable residential development and housing.

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Energy Efficiency and Emissions Task Group

Task Group Chair – Ken Morrison, Property Council of Australia

The Task Group is working research and advocacy that quantifies the contribution the building sector can make to Australia’s energy efficiency.

They aim to deliver a roadmap for reduced emissions and higher energy productivity for Australia’s building sector to 2050.

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Last Updated: August 2015