GBCA Develop New Carbon Positive Road Map

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has launched a discussion paper titled A carbon positive roadmap for the built environment. The paper was launched at the Green Cities 2017 conference in Sydney. The paper invites industry feedback on how the built environment can assist in meeting the Australian greenhouse gas emissions targets.

To meet these targets the GBCA believes that all new buildings need to be net zero emissions by 2030 and all existing buildings need to be net zero emissions by 2050. The GBCA has identified four key priorities:

  1. Promoting energy efficiency through passive design and efficient systems;
  2. Driving investment in resilient, renewable energy infrastructure;
  3. Increasing markets for net zero carbon products, materials and services;
  4. Promoting offsets for remaining emissions

The GBCA said “We believe this approach will be a cost-effective pathway for buildings and portfolios, and will also achieve other positive outcomes for Australia – such as efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings, energy security and a thriving renewable energy industry, jobs growth in emerging sectors, and enhanced biodiversity.”

The ideas in the discussion paper and feedback from industry will be used to develop a ‘Carbon Positive Roadmap’. Industry feedback is invited until Friday, 28 April.

The discussion paper can be downloaded here.

More information here.

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